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Bamboo Serving Tray

From breakfast in bed to entertaining guests, bamboo trays make it all possible. This bamboo tray provides ample surface area to transport large quantities of food. Its high side walls help keep items on the tray, while handle cutouts allow for easy portability. Add elegance to any home with this bamboo serving tray.


Bamboo is a natural renewable resource. We never use glue, paint or other chemicals to finish our bamboo trays. Instead, entertain with ease knowing that whatever you're serving will be placed on a safe, non-toxic, and food-safe surface. This durable material is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant, making it ideal for sharing multiple meals. If you do find stains or scratches on your bamboo serving tray, don't throw them away! Bamboo can be repaired quickly with light sanding and a little oil.

  • Bamboo Serving Tray

    About Bamboo Serving Tray


    Made from 100% organic wild bamboo, the Bamboo Serving Tray easily takes any drink, snack or meal to the next level. By choosing bamboo serving tray, you can easily entertain guests while reducing your footprint.


    Bamboo serving trays are the perfect way to bring a touch of nature into your home or next event. Use our bamboo serving tray to easily carry everything you need for a complete coffee or tea service. Our bamboo serving tray are perfect for serving appetizers and other small snacks. Bamboo serving trays can enjoy timeless style, easy care and simple cleaning. Bamboo serving trays are versatile and durable for display.


    Look no further for an option that transitions seamlessly from morning coffee to cocktail time with naturally attractive bamboo serving trays. Our certified organic and bio-based bamboo designs are perfect for every occasion, thanks to bamboo's warm, light color and our timeless thoughtful craftsmanship. Whether you're planning a lavish event or just looking for a relaxing afternoon tea, this collection will be your everyday go-to. Each bamboo serving trays is hand finished and crafted for durability and will not crack, crack or crumble. Bring the minimalist beauty of natural elements into your kitchen with the bamboo serving trays.

  • Features and advantages of bamboo serving tray


    Bamboo serving plates are the perfect way to entertain guests. It is made of natural bamboo, a strong and durable material. Bamboo is also a sustainable resource, so you can use it with confidence. The bamboo serving plate has a sleek, modern design and features a removable lid. The tray is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.


    - The bamboo serving tray is very strong and will not tip over easily.


    - Bamboo serving tray is lightweight and easy to carry.


    - Bamboo serving tray is attractive and add a touch of elegance to your dining table.


    - Made from renewable resources, no harm to the environment.


    - They are very easy to clean and maintain and are durable enough to last for many years if cared for properly.


    - Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, making it a safe choice for food preparation.


    If you're looking for beautiful, durable and eco-friendly serving plates, look no further than bamboo!

    Bamboo Serving Tray