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Bamboo Tea Tray

Bamboo tea trays are used to place various tea sets, such as teacups, teapots, and bowls, and have the properties of heat insulation and table protection. It can provide a temporary storage space for tea and stains to keep the tabletop clean. The antique bamboo tea tray is carved in the style of Chinese modern culture, which is of great artistic appreciation and collection value.


The Bamboo Tea Tray is made of 18mm thick bamboo, the lightweight bamboo wood is strong and lasts for 10 years. 20" long tea tray, big enough for 6 adults to enjoy a wonderful tea party together. Large capacity of 2.3 liters. Large storage capacity, drainable for easy access.


Maintenance tips:


Avoid touching the bamboo tea tray; regular use of the bamboo tea tray and keeping it moist is good for its longevity. If you don't use it for a long time, please dry the tray with an absorbent cloth and put it in a ventilated place.

  • Bamboo Tea Tray

    What is a tea tray?


    Tea trays are used to place tea sets. It comes in many different materials and styles, such as crescent, checkerboard, etc. But no matter what material and style, the most important thing is two words: wide and flat. It means that the bamboo tea tray should be wider, and more teacups can be placed when there are many guests. Moreover, the bottom of the bamboo tea tray should be flat so that the teacup is stable and not easy to shake.


    Tea trays, also known as tea boats and tea washes, are used to hold tea sets. Most of our bamboo tea trays are made of bamboo or wood. You can simply rinse the inside of the tray and set it aside to dry after use. This bamboo tea tray also provides an elegant platform to display your tea set while in use. They're perfect for afternoon tea and make serving it just that much easier. get it! It will draw all eyes to your tea set. Bamboo tea trays have limited capacity to hold waste water and should be cleaned in time to avoid overflow.


    In the tea family, the tea tray plays a little-known role, but both the pot and the cup are used with it.


    The use of bamboo tea tray


    1. When the bamboo tea tray is in the tea tray, it should be placed neatly.


    2. When the bamboo tea tray holds herbal tea soup or waste water, clean it, drain it, and wipe it dry with a dry cloth.

  • How to choose bamboo tea tray?


    1. Measure the size.


    When choosing a bamboo tea tray, the first thing to consider is the size of the space. And choose how big tea tray you need according to the space. The purpose of the bamboo tea tray depends on where it is used. Smaller ones are generally used when the space is small, or smaller ones can be used when there are few people drinking tea. In some tea rooms, it is better to choose a large tea tray, so that it is easier to drink tea when there are many guests. The specific use size can also be selected according to the actual situation.


    2. Observe the drainage method.


    There are three types of bamboo tea tray draining: The first is direct draining (without a bottom support). The second type is a bamboo tea tray with a tray underneath to catch the wasted water and the water will also flow from the tray below. The last one is a bamboo tea tray with a bottom plate, but the bottom plate cannot be poured with water, and the bottom plate must be cleaned when it is filled with water.


    3. For people who don't drink tea often.


    Those who don't drink tea often can buy a water tray, which not only meets the requirements but also saves space. People who drink a lot or drink frequently should buy ordinary bamboo tea trays.

    Bamboo Tea Tray
  • Bamboo Tea Tray

    How to clean bamboo tea tray?


    1. Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar. If there are many stains, pour a little white vinegar into the bamboo tea tray, then add water to soak.


    2. Remove the tea stains on the bamboo tea tray. Bamboo tea trays have been used for a long time, and a lot of tea stains will form on them. Removes easily with a sponge dampened in salt.


    3. To remove small stains, you can soak the tea tray with bleach or cleaning powder solution, leave it overnight, and it is easy to remove.


    4. You can scrub with toothpaste or broken eggshells, and then rinse with clean water.

  • How to maintain bamboo tea tray?


    1. Bamboo tea trays should be kept away from places with strong air circulation such as doors and windows, and should not be exposed to the sun.


    2. In order to maintain the air humidity in summer, autumn and winter, a humidifier should be used to spray the humidity. Putting some flowers and plants indoors can also adjust the air humidity. When spring comes, it is necessary to frequently turn on the air conditioner to drain water and reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of wood.


    3. Avoid collisions with metal or other sharp objects to avoid scratches or abrasions.


    4. Keep the bamboo tea tray clean and tidy. Wipe the dust with a clean gauze every day. Do not use chemical polishes as they may damage the bamboo tea tray.

    Bamboo Tea Tray
  • Bamboo Tea Tray

    Advantages of bamboo tea tray


    Always keep your desk clean and tidy when pouring tea, this bamboo tea tray is the perfect accessory for your tea set (not included) and for serving. All spilled tea leaves go through the drain hole into the water reservoir.


    Quality Craftsmanship: The bamboo tea tray is made of high-quality bamboo, natural color, hollow carving design, fine surface varnish; the smooth surface is easy to drain and easy to clean


    EASY TO CLEAN: The Bamboo Tea Tray is easy to clean with a removable water tray for easy dumping of excess tea leaves and easy cleaning - simply slide the bottom tray out to clean.


    Charming and Sturdy: Traditional Chinese design, unique patterns, the bamboo tea tray is also an elegant decoration for home when placed on the table


    PRACTICAL AND DURABLE: This bamboo tea tray is perfect for displaying your tea set and keeping your table clean; Practical removable tray for handling liquids, preventing water from damaging your table


    Large capacity: suitable size for 4 to 6 people to make Gongfu tea, enjoy tea and chat with friends