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Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray: The Swiss Army Knife of Rolling Trays


Magnetic bamboo rolling tray designed for heavy smokers. Compared to the cheap plastic rolling trays you find in gift shops, the Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray has plenty of room and features to make rolling a breeze. Its three different panels give you plenty of room to grind, blend and roll, while its cutouts accommodate all your accessories.

  • Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

    About Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray


    The large round cutout is perfectly shaped to hold a grinder, while the smaller round cutouts hold lighters, cones, filters, and glass tips. The rectangular cutout accommodates various sizes of paper, cardboard roll heads, hemp wicks, and many other roll accessories. Plus, the Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray features a built-in ashtray that easily flips over for easy passing.


    Best of all, the magnetic bamboo rolling tray's modular design is completely separate, meaning that if one of you is prepping while the other is rolling (for example), you can share it among friends. Its flip-out bamboo edge also doubles as a spatula and holder for the finished roll.


    And if that wasn't enough, the Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray is super easy to clean, put back and put away thanks to its smooth bamboo surface and magnetic sides.

  • Advantages of Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Trays


    The Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray is the perfect way to store and transport smoking accessories. The Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray is made of sturdy bamboo and has a smooth lacquer finish. It has a strong magnetic closure to keep everything in place even when you are on the go.


    The magnetic bamboo rolling tray is divided into different sized compartments so you can easily organize papers, pipes and other smoking supplies. The lid also has a handy built-in ashtray, so you can use it as a portable ashtray on the go. Lightweight and easy to carry, this Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray is the ideal way to take your smoking supplies on the go.


    1. The magnetic bamboo rolling tray is the best way to store and transport smoking accessories


    2. Keeps your workspace organized and looks great on any desk


    3. Rolling your own is easier than ever


    4. Protect your furniture from stains and water damage, very easy to clean


    5. Very durable and long-lasting


    6. Great gift for any occasion

    Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray