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Wooden Crystal Storage Box

Wooden crystal storage boxes are an excellent way to store and protect crystals and gemstones. These beautiful boxes are handcrafted from high quality wood. Each box comes with a removable lid for easy access and the interior is divided into different sized compartments to hold a variety of crystals.

  • Wooden Crystal Storage Box

    About wooden crystal storage box


    Store fine crystals, rocks and more with this wooden crystal organizer. Also great for your daily divination and displaying your cards during readings, holds 3-4 standard tarot or oracle cards at a time.


    A beautiful way to reflect and confirm your intentions for the day, you can easily see your cards spread anywhere in the room, making the perfect addition to your altars and desks.


    The design of the wooden crystal storage box is inspired by the changing phases of the moon, which goes through the cyclical patterns we see as life stages and eternal energy.

  • Features and advantages of wooden crystal storage box:


    VERSATILE STORAGE: Large capacity, wooden crystal organizer to display and store your scriptures or other tarot card sets, crystals, magic candles, healing stones, rocks, pendulums, herbs and witch accessories.


    UNIQUE DESIGN: Triple moon goddess symbol in a wooden crystal storage box is designed to stand alone, but can also be used as a divider within the storage box. Laser etched moon phase motifs represent phases of life and inner energy.


    FULL OF ENERGY: The wooden crystal organizer is designed to track the lunar year while being able to tap into the energy of the moon in every phase and in every one of your tarot cards or meditations. Focus on the phases of the moon while incorporating divination for information, delve into the depths of your path, or call upon lunar energy during specific monthly cycles to activate spells, enrich manifestations, or cleanse and recharge your crystals.


    High-quality material: The wooden crystal storage box is made of high-quality wood, sanded and stained with a smooth lacquer finish, the natural material will help you create a more subtle spiritual connection, walnut wood is known for its ability to expel negative energy.


    WIDELY USED: The elegant moon phase wood crystal organizer is also perfect as a vanity organizer for essential oils, jewelry and accessories. The unique design is perfect for any pagan, wizard, witch, meditative decor, vintage or bohemian theme.

    Wooden Crystal Storage Box