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The art of Chinese woodcarving can be traced back to the primitive society, when there were many handicrafts taking shape. By the Warring States Period, wood carving technology had developed from the simple engraving and engraving of carved panels in the Shang Dynasty to the three-dimensional round carving technology. The animal woodcarving in the Han Dynasty was made of whole wood, which pushed the Chinese woodcarving art to a peak. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, wood carving craftsmanship became more and more perfect. The woodcarving of Ming and Qing Dynasties is an era when Chinese classical woodcarving art matured, and the works are very rich, in addition to animals, there are also figures.

        Making furniture is inseparable from wood, and the quality of solid wood furniture is also directly affected by wood. There are many kinds of wood suitable for making furniture, not only in appearance and properties are very different, but also in price. What kind of wood is more suitable for furniture, which material is cheaper, and how to buy more cost-effective solid wood products, you can look at the ranking of the best wood for furniture, and you can find the answer yourself When choosing furniture, of course, you have a lot in mind

The choice of furniture needs to be selected according to different needs. Solid wood furniture depends on the specific use. It is not necessary to buy all kinds of wood. For example, oak can be used for the dining table, because the dining table is generally used for eating, and it is not necessary to use too expensive wood.

When choosing a desk or a chair, we can choose wood such as ash, because desks and chairs are generally used for study and work. It is better to have a harder wood, which is good for your waist and joints. benefit


It is very important to choose the wood of the bed, because the bed for sleeping is related to everyone's health. According to the research, it is found that the hardwood bed is the best sleeping material. Generally, the wood of the bed can be selected from walnut. The price of this material is lower and more expensive. The woods are mahogany and sandalwood to sit on the bed.


Folding Construction Applications

Wood has unique advantages as a building material due to its properties:

1. Environmentally friendly, renewable and degradable.

2. The construction is simple and the construction period is short.

3. Warm in winter and cool in summer.

4. Excellent seismic performance.

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