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Bamboo Tiffin Box


This Bamboo Tiffin Box is a great way to transport meals with ease and convenience. Its lightweight design, a combination of natural bamboo and stainless steel, makes it an ideal choice for those on the go. The box is also leak-proof, meaning you can fill it with your favorite foods and enjoy them wherever you go. With this Bamboo Tiffin Box, you can take your meals with you wherever life takes you!

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About this item


  • Chinese retro antique lunch box hand basket take you to experience the unique charm of chinese style.
  • Traditional herringbone weaving methodunique sauce red lacquer on the surfaceexquisite workmanship.
  • Classic double-layer design you can put different kinds of food in different place to keep the original delicious such as meals fruits pastries moon cakes etc.
  • Made of quality bamboo material natural and environmentally friendly the surface is smooth and flat and does not hurt your fingers.